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The Visual History of Cars - Thunderbird

Video (VHS), 1995

Thunderbird 2002 Wall Calendar  
Catalog of Thunderbird Id Numbers 1955-93 (Cars & Parts Magazine Matching Numbers Series)

Paperback, 1995

Thunderbird, 1955-66 (American Classics)

Alan Tast
Paperback, 1997

Thunderbird 2002

Michael Lamm
Hardback, 2001

Thunderbird! an Illustrated History of the Ford T-Bird

Ray Miller
Hardback, 1973

Thunderbird Milestones (Enthusiast Color Series)

Mike Mueller
Paperback, 1999


T-Bird : 45 Years of Thunder

John Gunnell, 
Ron Kowalke 

Hardback, 2000


Doug Mitchel
Hardback, 1999



How to Restore Your Ford Pickup

Tom Brownell
Paperback, 1993

More than just trucks, tells how to safely approach restoring any old car.

General Interest

Fabulous Fins of the Fifties

Robert Leicester Wagner
Hardback, 1997

Fifties Fins  

Dennis David
Hardback, 2001